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Vermicompost is an important additive to potting media for producing vegetable transplants without synthetic fertilizers. HortGrow’s nutrient-dense VermiGrow is a by-product of aged cow manure and composted organic media that is fed to earthworms.  The worm castings are then collected, dried and packaged to be used as a highly effective organic fertilizer.


Product Description

NeemGrow’s scientifically-controlled processing maintains the pest-destroying ingredient Azadriactin and the slow-releasing macro and micro nutrients available from Neem seeds.

  • Easy to manage in pellet form
  • Extends the availability of macro and micro nutrients to plants
  • Systemically treats leaf diseases and blights
  • Kills quick-cycle pests like white flies, spider mites and aphids
  • Azadriactin in NeemGrow disrupts the hormones of insects
  • NeemGrow is water soluble and slow release
  • Safely used from inception to harvest
  • Is biodegradable and organic

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Available Option
Size 25kg and 50kg