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Strawberry Grow Bags

Strawberry Grow Bags are popular alternatives to container and raised-bed growing. Plants produce more abundant crop yields when grown in HortGrow precision-media bags.


Product Description

HortGrow understands the importance of individualizing Strawberry Grow Bags to accommodate different growing systems, crop management practices, geographical locations, as well as cropping density and duration.

  • Fully biodegradable and recyclable content
  • Easily set up on tabletops or over gutters
  • Convenient for single, double, or triple row configurations
  • Our layered growing media (with chips at the bottom) maximizes drainage, while maintaining optimum moisture levels at the top of the media for enhanced root development
  • Promotes fast and flexible planting, cultural management and harvest options
  • Save labor, time and helps control uniform crop management practices
  • May be discarded after growing season, or reused as appropriate
  • Easily removable sections eliminate pest or disease issues should they arise
  • Ideal for high density planting that recaptures water and nutrients, providing  additional cost and resource savings

HortGrow Growers benefit from our unique “Best Practices” approach to agriculture: on-going scientific horticultural research for maximum yield and plant health which is improved year to year with the application of recommendations from Growers with decades of field expertise.

Specifications Recommended Custom Options
Dimensions 100 x 20 x 8 cm (LxWxH) 20-100 x 10-20 x 8-16 cm (LxWxH)
Product Type Layered GrowMax
Product Prep Washed and buffered Washed only
Precut Planting holes 8 Specify
Precut irrigation holes 4 Specify
Precut drainage holes Optimized for double drain gutter Specify
Plastic color (UV Stabilized) White outside and black inside Black on both sides