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Large-yield Rubus plants like raspberries and blackberries are known to grow best in media comprised of pure Coco Mixes. HortGrow’s open- top Grow Bags create a growing environment that is an industry-wide “Best Practices” alternative to expensive hard-side containers.


Product Description

HortGrow’s own experience as berry growers and our food-centered research has shown that Coco Pith, in combination with Coco Chips and other Coco Fractions, is more reliable for achieving maximum fertigation and growth management.

  • Fully biodegradable and recyclable content
  • Our layered growing media (with chips at the bottom) maximizes drainage, while maintaining optimum moisture level at the top of the media for enhanced root development
  • Saves labor, time and helps control  management practices across the crop cycle
  • Easily removable sections eliminate pest or disease issues should they arise
  • Ideal for high density planting within water and nutrient recapture systems, providing additional cost and resource savings
Specifications Standard Custom Options
Volume 7L or 10L 4 to 20L
Dimensions Specify Specify
Product Type GrowExcel
Product Prep Washed Washed and buffered
Precut drainage holes Standard Standard or Specify
Bag type Plastic Fabric or plastic with color options