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As experienced Growers ourselves, we are happy to share our scientifically sound knowledge with both new and experienced growers across all types of crops. HortGrow specializes in customizing Grow Bags for specific needs in the fruit, vegetable, cannabis and floral fields.


Product Description

HortGrow’s GreenEra Grow Bags are the go-to choice for all container-grown crops, and are especially well-suited for Cannabis cultivation. Good for both controlled and outdoor installations, each GreenEra grow bag is shipped complete with our specially blended coco coir discs. GreenEra compressed coco peat discs are graduated from course chips to fine pith on the top layer, ensuring proper aeration over very long growing cycles.

GreenEra grow bags simplifies both the growing and accounting sides of your business.  No need to purchase multiple products to create a well aerated container; just unwrap, water and start planting.

Combining the GreenEra container and grow mix in a single purchase means no inventoried or wasted product, reduced labor cost and simplified accounting for the cost of goods in your ERP system. The efficiency of HortGrow’s gradient mix produces more predictable watering and nutritional schedules resulting in healthier plants and higher yields.

HortGrow’s experience working with growers across the globe will benefit those in emerging industries like marijuana cultivation.  We are happy to consult with both new and experienced growers across all types of crops to customize GreenEra Grow Bags for their needs.

Specifications Custom Options
Volume 0.5L to 40L (Closed or Open Top)
Dimensions Specify
Product Type
Product Prep Washed only, Washed and buffered
Precut Planting holes Specify
Precut Irrigation holes Specify
Precut drainage holes Standard or specify
Bag Type Fabric or plastic with color options