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Blueberry Grow Bags

Blueberries are the “Divas” of the berry world, and are often the most expensive crop to establish and maintain. HortGrow grow bags reduce overhead costs significantly by eliminating expensive soil prep, mulching and acidification.


Product Description

HortGrow’s blueberry Grow Bags are optimized for specific customer requirements, and are available with easily customizable media configurations.

HortGrow is the only manufacturer offering simple to use, large volume, blueberry pots made from heavy duty fabric.  Our pots arrive containing the optimum layered media blend…just add water and plant!

  • Fully biodegradable and recyclable content
  • Our layered growing media (with chips at the bottom) maximizes drainage, while maintaining optimum moisture level at the top of the media for enhanced root development
  • Saves labor, time and helps control  management practices across the crop cycle
  • Easily removable sections eliminate pest or disease issues should they arise
  • Ideal for high density planting within water and nutrient recapture systems, providing additional cost and resource savings
Specifications Standard Custom Options
Volume 28L 4 to 40L
Dimensions 35x30 cm (dmxH) Specify
Product Type Layered GrowUltra
Product Prep Washed Washed and buffered
Precut Drainage holes Standard Standard or Specify
Bag Type Fabric Plastic bags in white or black