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Grow Slabs

Designed for use in existing container systems, HortGrow’s signature media blends are custom-sized to fit each container perfectly.


Product Description

Our Grow Slabs are customized two ways:  Pressed to grower-defined dimensions and pre-formulated in the required blend of coco Fractions. They save labor, time  and money, while offering precise control of the desired growing media.

Layered Grow Slabs

HortGrow’s layered slabs are layered with Coco Chips at the bottom and smaller Coco Pith/Peat components at the top.  Our research shows that this alignment facilitates excellent drainage and maximum nutrient absorption and water-holding. The cost and labor savings can be substantial:  One product to purchase and no guess-work trying to achieve the right media balance.

HortGrow’s ultimate Grow Slabs are the result of top of the line media and superior manufacturing.

Specifications Custom Options
Volume 0.5 L to 15L
Dimensions Specify
Product Type
Product Prep Washed only, Washed and buffered