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Organic Abundance

HortGrow’s Organic Abundance is time-release organic potting mix that feeds your plants for up to six months before additional nutrient is required. The mix will continue to nurture beneficial microbes to provide optimal plant growth for 5 years or more.


Product Description

Scientifically tested to provide balanced amounts of both macro and micro nutrients for optimal crop development, it is ideal for growing your favorite flowers, vegetables and herbs. Organic Abundance contains multi-sizes and types of Coconut Coir to maintain adequate moisture and nutrient retention, while providing for oxygenation and drainage.

Organically sourced compounds included in the growing media also sustain beneficial microbial growth necessary for roots to absorb and process nutrients.

Organic Abundance contains HortGrow’s proprietary blend of:

  • Vermicompost (for macro nutrients and beneficial microbes)
  • Multiple types of HortGrow Coco Coir media
  • Neem Cake (macro and micro nutrients)
  • Bone Meal (phosphorus)
  • Kelp Meal (micro nutrients and growth promoting biologics)
  • Dolomite (calcium and magnesium sources and pH stabilizer)
  • Gypsum (calcium and pH stabilizer)
  • Humic Acid (bio stimulant)
Specifications Available Options
Volume 25 and 50 Lbags