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The seeds of the Neem tree are truly one of Nature’s gifts to the eco-friendly gardener!   NeemGrow is made in a way that carefully preserves both its nutrient qualities and its ability to combat an impressive range of plant pests and plant diseases. Neem seeds, about the size of a small almond, are harvested and sun dried in a manner similar to the drying of coffee beans. The beans are then ground into a fine powder and pressed into pellets for ease of use. Where other processors may extract the Neem oil for its many commercial uses, HortGrow scientists have perfected a product that slowly releases nutrients to plant roots while at the same time protecting the plants from microbial diseases and pests.

Azadriactin, the pest-reducing ingredient found in Neem seed has been judged by the EPA to have no unreasonable adverse effects when used as an organic pesticide.  It is good for indoor and outdoor gardens and is safe for use around pets and children.  It is also one of the safest insecticides for use by orchard and produce workers.


Product Description

NeemGrow’s scientifically-controlled processing maintains the pest-destroying ingredient Azadriactin and the slow-releasing macro and micro nutrients available from Neem seeds.

  • Easy to manage in pellet form
  • Extends the availability of macro and micro nutrients to plants
  • Systemically treats leaf diseases and blights
  • Kills quick-cycle pests like white flies, spider mites and aphids
  • Azadriactin in NeemGrow disrupts the hormones of insects
  • NeemGrow is water soluble and slow release
  • Safely used from inception to harvest
  • Is biodegradable and organic

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Available Option
Size 1kg and 5kg