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Fabric Pots

Fabric Grow Pots are the flexible solution for larger container growing needs. HortGrow’s Grow Pots are available as a stand-alone gardening container that is ready to fill and plant; the grower adds the Coco Peat or potting mix of choice. (See Grow Pots for ready to plant pots complete with HortGrow compressed Coco Coir growing medium).


Product Description

HortGrow growing containers are made from oxygen-permeable polyester felt.  The large bags should be in place before filling with Coco Peat mixtures or potting soil.  Smaller fabric bags, such as those designed to be placed inside patio planters and pots can be filled on a potting table or in place.

Specifications Available Options
Volume 10.0 L to 380 L / 3G to 100 G
Dimensions Based on bag volume
Product Type