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Grow Bags

Strawberry Grow Bags are popular alternatives to container and raised-bed growing. Plants produce more abundant crop yields when grown in HortGrow precision-media bags.

HortGrow vegetable Grow Bags are designed for specialty growing needs, improving the distribution of water, oxygen and nutrients throughout all crop cycles.

As experienced Growers ourselves, we are happy to share our scientifically sound knowledge with both new and experienced growers across all types of crops. HortGrow specializes in customizing Grow Bags for specific needs in the fruit, vegetable, cannabis and floral fields.

Large-yield Rubus plants like raspberries and blackberries are known to grow best in media comprised of pure Coco Mixes. HortGrow’s open- top Grow Bags create a growing environment that is an industry-wide “Best Practices” alternative to expensive hard-side containers.

Blueberries are the “Divas” of the berry world, and are often the most expensive crop to establish and maintain. HortGrow grow bags reduce overhead costs significantly by eliminating expensive soil prep, mulching and acidification.