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Professional Growing

HortGrow is a company of Growers; we practice what we “preach.” We are committed to developing and supplying eco-sustainable Coco Coir as the best soil-less growing media in the world. We thrive on exchanging ideas and research across the hydroponic and in-ground grower communities.

As plant scientists, we have developed grow media that match the growth cycles of specific types of crops; we are not a “one size fits all” reseller.

Our compressed coco peat products are available as blocks or discs for use in existing containers or purchased with our corresponding grow pots and multi-sized grow bags. Our Coco Pith-filled grow cubes and linear grow bags are adaptable for coco-hydro growing or conventional greenhouse operations.

HortGrow’s consultants are available to customize our products to your requirements. Whether you are growing in temperature/humidity controlled enclosures or open-air greenhouses, we will identify and deliver the proprietary HortGrow blend that is perfect for crops ranging from consumables and nursery stock to marijuana:

  • Sponge-like quality of Coco Pith absorbs 10 times its weight in water
  • Small Coco Fibers conduct water evenly within the media
  • Courser Coco Chunks, Chips and Shreds sustain aeration over years
  • Nutrients and moisture remain constant requiring less  water and fertilization
  • Durable: does not have to be replaced annually, and can be re-used 5 years or more
  • Coco Peat components do not compress and provides sustained aeration

In regional areas, HortGrow products may available for retail distribution. Re-sellers and wholesale distributors are invited to inquire at:

Our Products

HortGrow vegetable Grow Bags are designed for specialty growing needs, improving the distribution of water, oxygen and nutrients throughout all crop cycles.

Strawberry Grow Bags are popular alternatives to container and raised-bed growing. Plants produce more abundant crop yields when grown in HortGrow precision-media bags.

Blueberries are the “Divas” of the berry world, and are often the most expensive crop to establish and maintain. HortGrow grow bags reduce overhead costs significantly by eliminating expensive soil prep, mulching and acidification.

Large-yield Rubus plants like raspberries and blackberries are known to grow best in media comprised of pure Coco Mixes. HortGrow’s open- top Grow Bags create a growing environment that is an industry-wide “Best Practices” alternative to expensive hard-side containers.

As experienced Growers ourselves, we are happy to share our scientifically sound knowledge with both new and experienced growers across all types of crops. HortGrow specializes in customizing Grow Bags for specific needs in the fruit, vegetable, cannabis and floral fields.

Grow Cubes are terrific for vegetable transplants and short to medium duration crops. HortGrow cubes offer labor-saving convenience for plant establishment for tender plants that will be transplanted to larger Grow Bags or pots at a later date.

HortGrow Coconut Coir discs are specially formulated to support propagation and for germinating vegetable seeds and starting vegetative cuttings.

Designed for use in existing container systems, HortGrow’s signature media blends are custom-sized to fit each container perfectly.

HortGrow offers “off the shelf” and custom-blends of Coco Coir and Coco-perlite formulations for Commercial use. These blends are processed and packaged in uncompressed or partially compressed bags; available in 50L bags or 2000L totes.

HortGrow offers processed Coco Fractions in various ratios of mixed Coco Pith, Coco Fiber and Coco Chips in a pressed, easily transportable form. The most popular options are 5Kg blocks and 450g briquettes.