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Home Gardening

HortGrow Coco Peat products are perfect for gardeners who want to “Grow like the Pros.” Container plantings of all types and sizes thrive in our precision grow mixes. Many of our coco blends, like GrowPlus and GrowMax are also ideal soil amendments for in-ground gardening use.

Coco Coir grow media are preferred by professional hydroponic and greenhouse growers: our organic formulations maintain steady water and nutrient distribution and aeration, proper pH and EC levels essential for hearty root and plant-stem development.

HortGrow has perfected 5 different blends of Coco Peat – – – from the fine textured GrowSure coco pith for plant propagation and top-dressing to the mixed media in our GrowUltra mix (coco pith, fiber, chips and shreds) for long duration crops and large containers. Our coco products OMRI listed for growing organic fruit and vegetables and are sustainably sourced.

Our coco block growing media are easy to buy on line, and arrive at your doorstep in easy to manage totes. Gardeners also enjoy the convenience and versatility of our multi-purpose grow bags, large and small container gardens, grow walls, grow slabs, grow cubes and organic soil additives.

Our Products

One-Step Container Gardening Delivered to Your Door

HortGrow’s specialty is developing products for precision container gardening. HortGrow’s Grow Bags bring professional level growing to mid-sized Greenhouse, Hydroculture and Home Growers.

Ready-to-hydrate GreenEra Bags are cost-efficient and are ready for planting in as little as one hour.

HortGrow takes the guesswork, expense – and most of the hard work out of preparing a scientifically-proven growing environment. GreenEra Bags provide precise control of the aeration, water, nutrient flow and drainage in a sturdy felt bag. Each bag is fitted with compressed GrowMax discs which, when hydrated, will fill the bag to the appropriate volume.

The plant scientists at HortGrow have made precision growing accessible and affordable with the introduction of GreenEra Beds. Each compressed slab is made from our GrowMax planting mix, with the perfect combination of fine Coco Pith, small Coco Fiber and chunky Coco Fractions. Because GreenEra Beds contain three textures of Coco Peat in each slab, there is no need to purchase additional soil conditioners, saving both money and labor.

Experts are available to help select the correct GreenEra Slabs for your specifications.

HortGrow Vertical Gardens can be the perfect solution to growing compact flowers, herbs, strawberries, lettuce and vining house plants in tight spaces. GreenEra Grow Walls are made for the same breathable felt as our top of the line Grow Bags and are easily fastened to hooks on a wall or fence.

GreenEra Grow Walls Come Complete with GrowSure Growing Medium in Each Pocket. Like all HortGrow home gardening products, Grow Walls are engineered to make precision gardening convenient and virtually fool-proof.

HortGrow’s Organic Abundance is time-release organic potting mix that feeds your plants for up to six months before additional nutrient is required. The mix will continue to nurture beneficial microbes to provide optimal plant growth for 5 years or more.

Expand and Grow Blocks are the convenient way to create the perfect growing medium. HortGrow’s growing mixes – – – each meeting the specific needs of growers around the world – – – are compressed into blocks that are easy to transport and store until needed. Hydrated in just minutes, HortGrow blocks become a fluffy, resilient growing medium for every need from seedlings to container growing, and hydroponic and in-ground gardens of all sizes.

HortGrow’s Propagation Plugs are one of the most popular tools for starting plants from seeds or cuttings for both Professional Growers and Home Gardeners. The advantage of propagation plugs are many, but tantamount is the ability to transfer small plants from starting trays to larger pots without disturbing the fragile roots of damaging the plant stem itself. Propagation plugs also retain moisture and nutrients in a manner that is most accessible to the developing roots

Fabric Grow Pots are the flexible solution for larger container growing needs. HortGrow’s Grow Pots are available as a stand-alone gardening container that is ready to fill and plant; the grower adds the Coco Peat or potting mix of choice. (See Grow Pots for ready to plant pots complete with HortGrow compressed Coco Coir growing medium).

Vermicompost is an important additive to potting media for producing vegetable transplants without synthetic fertilizers. HortGrow’s nutrient-dense VermiGrow is a by-product of aged cow manure and composted organic media that is fed to earthworms.  The worm castings are then collected, dried and packaged to be used as a highly effective organic fertilizer.

The seeds of the Neem tree are truly one of Nature’s gifts to the eco-friendly gardener!   NeemGrow is made in a way that carefully preserves both its nutrient qualities and its ability to combat an impressive range of plant pests and plant diseases. Neem seeds, about the size of a small almond, are harvested and sun dried in a manner similar to the drying of coffee beans. The beans are then ground into a fine powder and pressed into pellets for ease of use. Where other processors may extract the Neem oil for its many commercial uses, HortGrow scientists have perfected a product that slowly releases nutrients to plant roots while at the same time protecting the plants from microbial diseases and pests.

Azadriactin, the pest-reducing ingredient found in Neem seed has been judged by the EPA to have no unreasonable adverse effects when used as an organic pesticide.  It is good for indoor and outdoor gardens and is safe for use around pets and children.  It is also one of the safest insecticides for use by orchard and produce workers.